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26mm Drum Fork Replacement Assembly with Hub

Price: ETA 11/18
Out of stock
Item Number: TB381
Manufacturer: Trail Buddy Inc.
26mm Drum Fork Replacement Assembly with hub includes the speedometer cable and brake cable-  the brake cable does mount into the OEM53175-147-010 lever (fits CT70 model years 1970-1974).  Please note that this is an Aftermarket Fork system and Trailbuddy cannot guarantee the cable fitment that comes with this assembly for every ones personal setup and building requirements.

These do not have any mounting brackets for the headlight bucket.  You will need to get the slide over forks bucket ears.  Please see TB084:
This assembly includes:
26mm Forks
Top Plate
26mm Triple Tree
Steering Bearings
Triple Tree Nut Kit
Front Hub Assembly
Speedometer gear and cable

You will need to also purchase:  TB223 Brake Cable:

*Please note that the assembly does come with a brake cable however we have found that it doesn't work for stock CT70 applications that is why we recommend getting the above cable at the same time.*