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TB161 Basic 12v Trouble-Free Wiring kit

MSRP: $162.55
Price: $138.17
You Save: $24.38 (15 %)
Manufacturer: Trail Buddy Inc.

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TB161 Basic 12v Trouble-Free Wiring kit

This is a Basic wiring kit for installing a 12v aftermarket Engine.  This kit will come with most of the necessity electrical components to get your classic trail 70 running with an aftermarket engine. This kit is designed for people who would like to keep most of their Honda components, such as their head light, tail light, handle bars and all controls. The Wiring harness will have all plug ends labeled with waterproof labels.  The kit is also supplied with a wiring schematic. This kit will have all clone connectors and you will need to re wire the harness to fit your components.

If you are purchasing an electric start motor- please select the "Electric Start" Option to get the correct harness (this harness has the electric start switch connection by the battery- which is needed for an electric start - this is the only difference between the harnesses).

*Please note: This is a complete harness with all functions including electric start. Depending on your application some of the connections will not need to be used.  Please disregard them and use only what you require there will be no effect on your operating system if they are not used.

Total List of Components:

TB160B                With or with out Labeled Wiring Harness with Schematic
PURXT4lbs         Parts Unlimited 12V Battery NOT NO NAME IMPORT!
TB153                 Lock Assembly
TB140                 Battery Bracket
TB038                 Battery Band
PU21070008        Chris Horn 12V
TB138                 Rear Brake Switch Sensor
TB144                 Relay Turn Signal