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125cc Lifan Manual Clutch Engine

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MSRP: $650.00
Price: $540.00
You Save: $110.00 (17 %)
11 in stock
Item Number: TB526
Manufacturer: Trail Buddy Inc.
⚠ California Prop 65 ⚠

This is a Lifan 125cc Manual non-electric start engine is assembled and ready to install. This engine bolts in the Honda style frame CT70, CRF50/ XR50. THIS WILL NOT FIT A HONDA ST90 WITHOUT FRAME MODIFICATION.  Stock footpegs will not work.  You will need our aftermarket footpeg assembly (TB148). There is a lighting coil in this engine.  This is a 12v CDI system so you will need to review your wiring needs for your application. Our engines are specifically made to OEM Honda standard diameter, so there is no special sprocket that is needed for your gearing options.       

Trailbuddy engines have an installed 420 front sprocket not a 428- so no need to worry about modifying or changing the rear sprocket you already have installed.  This will make it easier for you to gear your bike to either top or low end.  You can find the front and rear sprockets under the CT70 section in the subcategory “sprockets”. Our engines are not heavily gusseted by the top engine bolt which allow for a clean and easy mounting experience. You may want to install the engine with new mounting bolts, please see TB128 and TB129B, respectively.

Our engines also have a full wave rectifier which is a more efficient and smoother rectification.  A full wave rectifier is double the half wave because it converts both cycles of AC to DC.  The ripple factor is less in a full wave rectifier, so the waveform is smooth and easy to filter out.

It is highly recommended that you purchase this fuel switch to work with the carb that comes with our motors: The carb has a single fuel inlet while the gas tank will have a dual outlet.

The motor includes:

25mm Molkt Carb, intake manifold, gasket, bolts, spark plug, gear shift lever, kick start lever, 48mm black dual stage air filter, CDI, Ignition coil, 12v Full Wave Rectifier/Voltage Regulator.  

**If you are wanting a higher performance carburetor, we highly recommend our Keihin carb.

All Trailbuddy engines are Full-Wave output for the best performance.  
We have included additional insurance on all motors. The cost is already built into the additional handling fee.


Engine Type: 4-Stroke
Cylinder Arrangement: Single Cylinder, Camshaft pointing upward tilting 10 degrees
Max Power: 7.77hp
Max Torque: 6.27 ft-ib
Displacement: 120mL
Bore x Stroke: 52.4 x 55.5 mm
Starting: Kick start 
Transmission Type: 4-speed gearshift
Gear Shift Pattern: N-1-2-3-4↑
Front Sprocket: 16t/420
Compression: 9.0: 1

**Oil is 10w30 or 40 absolutely no more than 700cc from complete drain
You will also need a clutch cable and a clutch lever assembly, if one is not present.  We recommend the following two options:

TB026LH Trailbuddy 12v Controller →

Stock Perch→ Stock clutch cable

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