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  • Inspect the engine to make sure that no Styrofoam/packing material is in any of the following openings:
    • Intake port
    • Exhaust port
    • Front sprocket area
    • Spark plug area
    • Anywhere else that a piece could enter the engine
  • It’s also important to check the following parts BEFORE the break in procedures:
    • Check that the valve lash is properly adjusted
    • Check that the valve tensioners are tight
    • Check that the spark plug is tight
    • When installing the chain on the front sprocket, double check that the mounting bolts are tight
    • Remove the breather tube plug prior to installing the breather tube.  Inspect the breather tube after the engine is installed to make sure that there are no kinks in the tube.
  • The engine is shipped with packing oil. Drain the engine of the packing oil and then refill. Make sure to check and change the oil while the bike is on a level surface not on side stand.
    •  Use ONLY a 4-stroke wet clutch motorcycle oil
    • ONLY a 10w30 or 10w40
    • Add NO MORE than 800ml from a complete drain
    •  **Repeat the oil change after engine break in procedures have been properly completed (see below)
    • We have the correct oil and a measuring cup available on our website for purchase:
    • Our engines have a 30-day warranty from the date of purchase. 
    • Warranty is VOID if any modifications have been made.
    • You must contact Trailbuddy Inc first before sending back
    • You will also need to have this warranty form filled out:

  • Before firing up the engine for the first time make sure to change your oil and that it is level is middle of the stick (not screwed in). Your new engine only comes with packing oil to ensure shelf life doesn’t damage the internals.
  • Oil for these engines is 10w30 or 40, meant for a four-stroke wet clutch and uses no more than 800ml from complete drain.
  •  With lots of tiny parts moving at high rates of speed you want them to last a long time. Breaking in an engine helps to seat gaskets and the pistons rings with the cylinder surface. Without a proper seal, leaks, taps, and other engine issues will occur.
  • We have found that the best way to avoid these issues is to put your engine through three heat cycles before its first joy ride. The procedure is as follows:
    • Turn the engine on, letting it idle and warm up for a few minutes
    • Ride the bike for around 10-15 minutes at a decent pace but without over-revving the engine, then shut it down
    • Let the engine cool off completely, then repeat again 3 to 4 times
    • On the 3rd and 4th time its recommended to ride a bit longer, for 15-20 minutes

  • This process helps prolong new engine life, as hard riding before proper break in can cause the pistons and rings to seat improperly causing wear and potential damage. After the break in process is completed, be sure to change the oil again.
  • Fuel premium or no ethanol recreational fuel 92 octane