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Custom Tandem Sub Harness for Conversion

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Price: $45.00
Manufacturer: Trail Buddy Inc.

  • This tandem harness is fused to protect your original wiring system and designed to use with your original 1969-1976* CT70 OEM Harness and Ignition only. We have made it easier by labeling the tandem harness.  In general, all your 6v stock components will be plugged into your stock 6v harness and your 12v aftermarket components will be plugged into the labeled tandem harness.  You will need to remove the stock 6v battery/tray combo, the stock 6v regulator, the stock ignition coil and the stock 6v flasher relay.  You will be able to maintain your stock taillight unit, ignition/key switch, handlebar controls and headlight unit. You will need to change all the lightbulbs to 12v opposed to the 6v that is stock.  If you have a sealed headlight unit, you will need to replace that.  All the bulbs and headlight units are linked below for your convenience. 
  • Our tandem harnesses were designed to lay next to and work with your stock 6v CT70 harness.  The harnesses are designed to work with a 1969-1973 CT70 stock bike without any modifications to either harness.
  •  *On the 1974-1976 CT70 models, the stock rectifier changed to a selenium rectifier (with prong style connections) opposed to the orange rectifier plate (with bullet style connections) that was used on the earlier models.  You will need to re-pin these connections. * If you plan to use your blinkers, you will need to get a 12v flasher relay and 12v blinkers.  This is the only 12v item that would be plugged into the stock 6v harness.  Our tandem harness does not have the wire connections for a flasher relay*


The harnesses will NOT work on any CT70 model from 1977-1982, without major modifications that you will need do and we highly recommend that you hire a local mechanic who can do the modifications or explore our other conversion options.

For a Lifan Engine Use Harness Part #TB421  -----  Lifan 125cc Motor:    **Please note that most Lifan motors have the neutral light switch on a separate connection off the motor.  You will need to re-pin that connection to connect with the harness**
For a YX  or Zongshen Engine Use Harness Part #TB420-----Engine
If you are installing a Zongshen or YX with the 2 Yellow wires coming out of the stator

If you did not purchase your engine from us, other lifans should work, but its not guaranteed. For this harness in particular, the connections going to the motor will be:
Blue/White wire: Pulse
Yellow: Lights out
Green/Red: Neutral light
Green: Ground
Black/Red: Kill switch
White: AC out

Below is a list with links to other parts you may need to order for typical YX/Lifan engine12 volt conversion.

Electric Start Button Wiring Kit:

Relay Turn Signal/Flasher Relay:

If your stock harness needs to be replaced:

See picture for detailed connections to your OEM electrical system.

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Motor Brand:

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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