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Order Status FAQ

What does each ordering status mean?
Order received: we have received your order but still need to process payment.
Payment received: we have received your payment but it has not been moved to our shipping area.
Partially shipped: we use this as our internal code for the orders that have been moved into our shipping department.
Shipped: no longer in our warehouse, it is in the hands of UPS or USPS and their time table.
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Return Policy FAQ

How do I return an item?
Please return your product, if it has been purchased in the last 60 days and has never been used, to:
Trailbuddy Inc
3252 88th Ave
Zeeland MI 49464

Please include a copy of the sales receipt and a reason why returning item. If it is a fitment issue, please let us know what make and model you are trying to install it on.
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What items are not accepted for returns?
Any and all elctrical items are not accepted for returns. If it connnects to the wire harness- it can't be returned. If you return an item to us that falls under the electrical category we will not ship it back to you unless you want it back and want to pay shipping for it.
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Is there a restocking fee?
Yes, we have two types of restocking fee. One is a restocking fee of 10% and that is if you include a copy of your sales receipt with the return. A 20% restocking fee is applied if no sales receipt is included in the return.

Trailbuddy Inc reserves the right to waive the restocking fee.
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Is shipping refunded along with the parts?
No, we do not refund any shipping costs.
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How long does it take to process a return?
It can take up to two weeks for our return department to review the return. If a return is accepted, the refund will be issued to the same payment method as the original purchase. If you paid by credit card, it can take up to a week to get back to your card. Paypal tends to be 3 business days.
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What happens if I return an item that I didn't mean to or returned an item to the wrong company?
If the buyer wants the parts back they will need to pay for shipping it back to them.
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Shipping FAQ

How do I get a shipping quote for international shipping?
Unfortunately, our cart system only makes getting shipping quotes easy for domestic shipments. However, you can still get a quote for international shipping by going through the “checkout” process. In step 2 it will give you shipping options and the cost to ship. This is the only way, so far, that we have been able to get a shipping quote for our international customers. If you still are having problems, please give us a call (616) 772-9020 or email us at
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How do I find different options for shipping?
If you are shipping domestically, on the cart page you should be able to put in your shipping zip code and the system will give you options in a drop down menu. Please note, that not all shipping options are available for every area.
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When can I expect my package?
Depending on when it shipped and what method, it can take up to 5 business days for domestic packages. International varies.
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How often does Trailbuddy ship?
To keep shipping costs down, we only ship on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you need your item to ship any faster, we can do it but there will be a $7 minium fee to ship the package out. (That fee is what it costs us to schedule a pick-up for the package.)

First class mail goes out every Monday and Friday.
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Shipping seems high, what can I do?
Email us at with what you want to order and where it is going, and we can see if we can do any better.

Our cart system goes by weight- so if you have 4 items that each are under a pound our system calculates it as 4 punds opposed to the 2.5 pounds they may actually weigh.
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If I overpaid in shipping, do you refund those funds?
Yes, if we find that you have been overcharged for shipping/handling- we refund the monies. We don't make a profit on shipping.
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