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Mooseracing CT70 Front Wheel Bearing Seal Kit

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Price: $16.95
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Item Number: PUA25-1072
Manufacturer: Moose Racing
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 ·         Bearing seals are double-lipped rubber that provides superior exclusion of water, dirt and sand with improved grease retention

·         Steel garter spring guarantees constant pressure on the axle shaft, extending the life of the seal

·         Wheel seals are type TC nitrile elastomer, specifically designed to keep out water, dirt and sand

·         Seals have a rubber-coated outside diameter that creates an optimum seal at the hub

·         High-speed, low-drag bearings are EMQ quality

·         Kits include all required bearings and seals

·         This is a kit that will fit all the below models, so you may or may not use all parts in the kit for you application.

Inspection: Check to make sure that all mating surfaces are clean and free of burrs and corrosion. Check all mating surfaces for wear and replace as necessary.

Wheels: Inner spacer edges must be square to seat properly against new bearings. If worn, replace. Outer wheel spacers should be inspected for wear from the external seal lip Replace as required.

Installation: Bearings should be mounted slowly with care, by using a fixture to apply force evenly to the bearing. When mounting the inner ring, apply force to the inner ring only. Similarly, when mounting the outer ring, apply force to the outer ring only, Bearings need to be kept square to the mating surface to avoid damage.

Suspension: Needle bearings should be installed with a press and installation tool to apply force evenly to the bearing.

Steering: Install the bottom bearing with a pipe tool that applies pressure evenly. Tip: Heating mating components will make installation easier due to the expansion of the part Grease all seal surfaces where they contact metal parts. Grease needle bearings thoroughly after installation.

Wheel Bearing Kit Front Honda CB125S 76-85, CR125M 74-78, CR80 80-82, CT110 Trail 80-86, CT125 Trail 77, CT70 Trail 69-94, CT90 Trail 66-79, MR175 Elsinore 76-77, MT125 Elsinore 74-76, MT50 (Euro) 80, MT50S (EURO) 93-96, SL125 Moto Sport 71-73, SL70 71-73, TL125 73-76, TLR200 Reflex 86-87, XL125 74-85, XL185S 79-83, XL70 76, XL75 77-79, XL80S 80 85, XR100 81-84, XR185 79, XR200 80-84, XR75 73-78, XR80 79-84, Wheel Bearing Kit Rear Honda CR80 80-81, CRM50R (EURO) 93-96, CRM75R (EURO) 89-94, MT50S (EURO) 93-96


1973-1978 Honda XR75 - -
1979-1983 Honda XL185S - -
1969-1994 Honda CT70 Trail - -
1974-1978 Honda CR125M Elsinore - -
1974-1985 Honda XL125 - -
1980-1986 Honda CT110 Trail - -
1974-1976 Honda MT 125 K Elsinore - -
1966-1979 Honda CT90 Trail - -
1981-1984 Honda XR100 - -
1971-1973 Honda SL125K Motorsport - -
1979-1984 Honda XR80 - -
1980-1985 Honda XL80S - -
1973-1976 Honda TL125 - -
1980-1984 Honda XR200 - -
1971-1973 Honda SL70K Motorsport - -
1976-1977 Honda MR175K Elsinore - -
1977-1979 Honda XL75 - -
1986-1987 Honda TLR200 Reflex - -
1980-1982 Honda CR80 - -
1976 Honda XL70K - -
1979 Honda XR185

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