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Icebear Champion Fitted on 2022 Model Year

We have found that the parts on this page can fit the Icebear Champions with little to no modifications. Parts were tested on a 2022 model, earlier examples may not have the same specifications.
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Trailbuddy Custom Wall Art *Free Shipping*
Price: $230.00
Trailbuddy Custom Wall Art  *Free Shipping*
Trailbuddy Inc. has manufactured stamped steel frame halves to hang on your wall! These steel frame pieces are a great decoration of the Honda CT70 for the hardcore mini trail nut! Free Shipping, the additional fee is for shipping INSURANCE.
Thumper 2 Exhaust Kit
Price: $137.50
Thumper 2 Exhaust Kit
Are you looking for the best flowing exhaust system for your trail 70 but want the stock look? This is an advanced design by Trail Buddy Inc. for the classic mini trail-70 and reproduction bikes. Please see full web description for more technical info.
Footpeg Bracket Assembly for Aftermarket Motors
MSRP: $80.39
Price: $64.50
You Save: $15.89 (20 %)
Footpeg Bracket Assembly for Aftermarket Motors
Footpeg Bracket Assembly this is highly recommended for any aftermarket engine with the same mounting bolt pattern as stock CT70 engines. See full web for fitment dimensions.
Clone CT70 Seat
Price: $86.00
Clone CT70 Seat
This whole unit is a replica seat that will fit onto the stock CT70 frame. It has no spring to hold the stock tool bag in place. It also doesn't have the "Honda" on the back of the seat. It is a good seat for a rider, not show quality.